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Who is youngest entrepreneur on ABC Shark Tank?

Dear Professor Savings fans,

How old is the world youngest inventor? Ten ? or eight? No. It’s not. It’s six.

Kiowa Kavovit, who is the youngest inventor ever to pitch her idea on Shark Tank, would wow you after watching this video.

The level of interest from people in Boo Boo Goo has only been increasing after Kiowa’s airing on the Shark Tank.

Boo Boo Goo, claims to be a  revolutionary  new skin protectant that paints on a bandage, in fun colors for kids as well as skin tones, for the protection of intact or damaged skin from irritation.

Its idea is not only good for the sake of aesthetics but also the environment – it is environmentally friendly in the sense that A 5 oz bottle of Boo Boo Goo equals to 75 bandages.

Also, Boo Boo Goo won’t go to the landfills in the end.

This prodigy is not only passionate about inventing.

She is also passionate about the people. She says, with a smirk on her face, that she want to tell kids that they can be something even though you are small.

What a great kid that make us adults feel remarkably inadequate!

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