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You’ll Be Hanging on by a Thread after Seeing the Video for “Moving On”

This music video/short film for the James song Moving On is a completely innovative concept that uses a minimal amount of animated yarn figures to illustrate the ways that life can seemingly fall apart while simultaneously coming back together again. Even though it’s a video for a song, and not the other way around, Moving On by British alternative rock band James almost seems to underscore the powerful message of all things being connected, and the need to move to move forward that is so powerfully portrayed in the video’s three minutes and 54 second run time.

Without giving too much away, the video for the James single, which connects to the song in a direct lyrical way, shows the viewer in a way that strangely wouldn’t be possible if they had chosen to use real people instead of yarn how things when we let things go we’re also embracing new things as well. Even if something great isn’t coming into our own hands, amazing things can be forming in the lives of others, and it all relates in one way or the other.

Your life might not be as trippy to watch and pair with music as a James song, but you’ll experience your own moments of personal tragedy and triumph just like everyone else on the entire planet. Preparing emotionally for a great loss or a new addition is one thing that you may not be able to do. Sometimes you have to let go of the last little bit and trust that things will be ok, like the little yarn man in the music video, but one way you can always prepare for whatever may come in the most hands on way possible is with our tips on how to save money. So subscribe to Professor Savings today.

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