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Why Won’t the Future Just Get Here Already?

The future is so fascinating. There’s something about fantasizing over the unknown that appeals to the soul.

The past isn’t as appealing, it’s already done. We know what lies behind us. There’s so much going on around us all each day, we don’t really pay the present much attention either. But the future- that’s where possibility lies.

Infinite opportunity for advancement. Right now your life may suck but, in the future, you can have anything you want. At least, that’s what we like to believe.

With touchscreen this and digital that, the new technology we’ve yet to encounter is just as enticing. This video gives you a brief look into the possibilities.

Say goodbye to morning traffic, we’re all floating to work in flying cars now. Old conventional skyscrapers are replaced by the twists and turns of levitating futuristic buildings.

The only thing this video needs is a few jetpacks and a wacky little dog and I’d think I was watching a modernized version of The Jetsons. While we aren’t watching holographic billboards form in thin air just yet, who’s to say that it’s far off from coming to pass?

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