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I Will Hate Myself So Much If I Miss This Insane Water-slide – SLIP N FLY

Ohio Dreams is an action sports camp for those seeking high quality, exclusive experiences. Every year, the sports camp in Butler, Ohio, organizes ‘Slip N Fly’ and opens it to the public a single weekend out of the year.


Your girlfriend may probably gonna hate this but you should clear your calendar coz that weekend is coming.


The camp holds its annual Sports and Music Festival on January 6 and 7, with bands, DJs and, most importantly, the famous but ‘infamous’ slide! It sends you careening down a 100-foot-long ramp at an unbelievably fast speed, then launches you for major air time in which you can fly hard like crazy about two dozen feet up—where you’ll probably wet your pants before you really get wet when entering into the giant pool!


Seriously, ‘Slip n Fly’ just went to the top of my bucket list coz this is simply stunning. If you want to check out more amazing videos, make sure you click HERE to SUBCRIBE to the channel of Professorsavings for daily money saving videos!



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