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Why Star Wars Droid BB-8 Hotter Than R2D2

Dear Professor Savings fans,

Recently the internet went blazing over Star Wars Episode VII Trailer number two and one of the character introduced is a spinning droid called  BB-8 and the greatest part is the he is real gliding robot, not computer generated.

Watch the video above as the free-rolling robot glides on stage with great applause.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger is actually credited with providing the cute robot to the Star Wars empire since Disney has an accelerator program and one of the companies on the list is non other than Sphero.

Read Fortunes Bob Iger’s surprising contribution to the Star Wars empire article for more details.

Good job Mr. Bob Iger connecting the dots for a major cute android and potential millions of dollars in a Droid BB-8 toy sold to the mass market.

Disney purchased Star Wars creator Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in 2012  and has continued to invest in startups that may have an impact on the future.

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