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What Bernie Sanders Says on Comedy Central Nightly Show May Make You Laugh [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders on Comedy Central Nightly Show

Dear Professor Savings,

This is GOLDEN!  

Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders joined Larry Wilmore that flowed monday night, wearing props including shades.

The goal is for candidates like Bernie Sanders to show the charming and witty side which he did indeed.

Overall, a great video that had many snippets of laughs.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders appeared on Monday night’s episode of The Nightly Show to discuss his performance in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls, democratic socialism and soul food with host Larry Wilmore.

One of the major highlight was when Bernie Sander’s age came up.

“You may be the oldest person to ever become president. What are you, 74?” Wilmore asked. When Sanders responded in the affirmative, Wilmore continued.

“If you became president, God forbid something happened… I’m not saying that it is, I’m just trying to keep it 100,” said Wilmore, before adding: “Would you be comfortable with a Weekend at Bernie’s situation?”

“The good news is, I’ve been blessed with good health and a lot of endurance,” said Sanders.

You go Bernie!

The positive answer didn’t prevent Wilmore from asking Sanders to wear a pair of sunglasses and slouch in an attempt to mimic the classic late ’80s comedy‘s character.

Aside from the jokes, Wilmore brought up the #BlackLivesMatter protesters who interrupted Sanders in Seattle.

All the while, Sanders remained ver focused and stern through serious issues.


Bernie Sanders Says on Comedy Central Nightly Show demonstrates his passion on issues as well as his funny witty side.

Enjoy. And BOY! that fried chicken looks great.




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