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Wedding Budget Tips— For a decent wedding

Weddings are expensive. After all, you want to share your love with the people in your life, but you can make it happen on a budget if you follow these tips.


Wedding Budget Tips— For a decent wedding

expensive. It should be planned with a budget that is affordable for the family. Costly mistakes can easily be avoided by careful planning on advice of some experts and experienced people.

Budget wedding does not mean a cheap wedding. A wedding should remain a grand event even after indulging into fewer expenses.

Budget Wedding Planning tips

• The wedding event should be treated like a business. It is a good thing to start planning as early as possible.

• On a spread sheet or excel sheet note all the expenses related to the wedding including location, photographer, invitee list, food items, clothes, jewelry, etc. Allot the amount to each item and stick to it.

• It is better to sort out priorities, and separate the needs from wants. Try to manage the needs and wants with their use after the wedding.

• Invitees list should be prepared with the idea that wedding is a personal and intimate affair. A small reception can be held later for those who are not very close friends and relatives.

• Most items for the wedding can be borrowed or rented. A tent and furniture required for the day can easily be rented or arranged from the location or club where the wedding is to take place.

• Wedding dresses for the family should be arranged in a creative manner to save large expenses for just one evening. They can be borrowed from elders in the family or old ornamental dresses re designed. Shopping of these dresses should be done much earlier from factory out shops or online or when sale is on in renowned stores and one gets a good offer.

• Venue for the marriage should be chosen keeping in mind the weather, number of invitees and the timing of the ceremony. Inexpensive locations can also be found in parks, clubs or other recreational areas. But if the weather is warm a five star hotel may have to be chosen. The proper facility of toilets, changing rooms and other arrangements of light, Ac or heaters should be checked.

• Catering of the food is a very big decision if the food is not available from the wedding location. Catering should be given to known people and menu carefully decided.

• Budgeting should be made for music, photographer, drinks and other entertainment ideas.

A wedding budget planned with care and creativity will make the wedding day a memorable one for the guests as well as the family.

Points to Remember

• All requirements for the wedding should be carefully budgeted in detail.

• Avoid unnecessary expenses and try to remain within budget.

• Start planning as early as possible to save money at several places.



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