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Ways teachers can make more money

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5 Ways Teachers Can make some extra money

  I get it. Especially when the holidays are around, we all need

    some extra cash especially to buy some presents.

#1 Mark Exams.  Dash over to exam bodies in your area.  Decent extra

   money while adding to experience.

#2  Sell online.  There are educational websites where you can upload ands sell your lesson


some sites

  teacherspayteachers.com where you can buy and sell

educational materials

#3 Write a book.

You’re an educator with a niche expertise so hop over to a

self publishing platform and share it.

Amazon publishing and Apple offers popular publishing platforms.

#4  Create an app

As a teacher, you know the problems that need to be solved in the

billion dollar education system.

Such as apps that help teacher take attendance.

#5 Teach online.

There are many online schools that need teachers for different subjects.

Go to platforms such as  udemy.com skillshare.com

#6 Public speaker

Conferences are often seeking authority leaders on certain subjects.

A great way to get paid as well as meet face to face contacts for future


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