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Watch Tiny Dancer Terra Steal the Show in Jungle’s New Music Video for Platoon

An eclectic, funk feeling, tune begins and the smallest break dancer you’ve ever seen steals your heart from the very beginning. It’s sort of weird to reconcile that this is indeed the video for musician Jungle’s song Platoon and not a promotional video for two foot tall Terra, I imagine that that’s as big as she can possibly be anyway, but it is. However, it’s clear the adorable moves and lavender tracksuit Terra brings to the table are equally appreciated by Jungle and everyone involved with the making of the Platoon video, as is evidenced by her credit in the video’s title.

Spinning on her head? Terra can do it! Flipping through the air? Terra can do it! Just about any move you’ve ever seen in a breakdancing movie or TV show about the 80’s? Terra has it mastered, and Jungle is lucky enough to have this little stunner as the star, and solo talent, in this simple but innovative video for the Platoon single.

When it’s all said and done, I did think to myself: “this is a cool song” and what else can an artist want from having audiences view their video? Word of mouth is likely to spread as more people enjoy and marvel at the video that looks like it could have been made by and for just about anyone, but as I mentioned before, Jungle was lucky enough to have made for Platoon.

The adorable tot may become a big star and never have money worries in her life, but that may not be the case for the future version of Terra, or the current version of you. Ease you’re troubled mind by jamming out to the song and being majorly impressed by the moves, and then check out

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