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Watch out! You are opening more apps than what you suppose to

Do you have the feeling that your brain is buzzing and the do-to-list doesn’t seem possible to accomplish? What you should do is to concentrate on the few most important things.

You always notice that entrepreneur emphasis their success on “focus”. You definitely have to focus, but not focus on a thousand things! You should only focus on things that are urgent and important instead. Just imagine yourself as your phone or tablet, how many apps you are opening at the same time? Close down those apps that aren’t important enough, just focus on several or even the most important ones.

Now you will find out that you have more energy and motivation in accomplishing your tasks. The processing speed of your tablet definitely becomes slower when you are opening many apps at a time. The worst case is your tablet may even crash. It’s same as us. Your efficiency are going to increase with few tasks need to focus.

Now turn off the excess apps and focus on your most important task!

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