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Watch Korean Girls Hate American Snacks and how to localize your product

Dear Professor Savings readers,

Recently a viral video about Korean girls eating American snacks have been trending on the internet.

Today, we are here to save you money by not making some basic mistake as snack producer and talk more about the word localization.

While the video is comical in many ways, the main point is that in order for a snack company in America to do well in other parts of the world especially Asia, they must understand how to localize the product.

Growing up in San Francisco as a Chinese American, I was introduced to both Asian and American snacks.  So how does someone like me enjoy Pop Tarts while some girls in Korea think it may taste like a candle or a toy?

The operative word here is localization.  Localization is adapting a product or service to a culture, language, and attractive look and feel.  

As a former food writer in San Francisco, let me break it down.  In Asia, snacks tend to have flavors that often cover the main taste found in food dishes.  The other day, our team tried seaweed (which can be often found as fishy for American taste) in curry flavor.

More welcoming flavors that are in Asia are Kit Kat in green tea flavors which are often sold out.

In general, Asian snacks are also packaged in a very colorful and animated way filled with cartoons.

So if you’re a marketer for snacks or any packaged goods, here are our 3 main takeaways.

#1: Make sure you travel to the country you will market your product. You can then notice trends, ask your target audience, and see for yourself what is in trend.  Be a learner.

#2: Make sure you understand packaging.  Understand different fonts and materials used in packaging to attract your core audience.

#3:  Use social media to find trends.  Make sure you jump over to Instagram and type in the search bar #foodstagram or #food in that local city to find out what people are buzzing about.

I am sure crazing some Pop Tarts right now.

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