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Walt Disney Group- Stock profile and performance

The Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest and most diversified entertainment company.

It has various networks operating under it like the media networks under the associate groups of ABC Networks, the parks and resorts group, operating Disneyland and other entertainment parks around the globe, the Walt Disney studios, Disney Consumer Products and the Disney Interactive.

Walt Disney Group- Stock profile and performance

The company was listed on the New York stock exchange and ever since has been the leaders in the entertainment business. The Disney stock market has been a successful story for many decades.

All the basic steps that apply to investing in the Disney stock market are the same as all the other stocks. Especially when you are starting with investing, DIS or Walt Disney Group is a great stock that you must have in your portfolio. These are generally priced high and you must have a significant amount in as your capital investment.

The most important tip that must be kept in your mind that when investing in the stock market, you must always have at least one years salary in your account to save you from any economic emergencies. Walt Disney is just another stock and it is also subjected to market risks. So, while investing in Disney stock market, make sure that you are well conversant with the history and profile of the company.

The Walt Disney Company has a varied history, from the Founders Walt Disney and Roy C. Disney till the present Non Voting Director, Emeritus Iger. All have significantly contributed to the growth of the group to a large extent and have taken the Group to unprecedented growth. Its latest acquisitions are the Marvel Entertainment, the Pixar Films and UTV Software communications which are spreading its wings down to India and Asia.

In 2011, the Disney Group landed its foot in China, with the starting of its most ambitious Asian Project, the Shanghai Disney Resort. It is said to open in the year 2015, and has been the leading reasons for the good performance of the stock on the New York exchange.

In the last quarter, the stock outperformed all the other stocks in the same category, due to the strong run capitalising on the investment it has made in various productions in the next 7-8 years, comprising of both animations and other features. Even though the earnings were lesser in the quarter was less than the last quarter, the stock as a whole performed well on the Nasdaq.

Investment Advice for the Stock Markets

1. Always keep track of the performance of the stocks on the Index.

2. Keep yourself away from harms way, and manage your own portfolio

3. Market research and analysis of the stocks are very important prior to investing.



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