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Waiting for That ‘Light Bulb’ ? Think twice

I fault Saturday morning cartoons for ruining my childhood. You remember the scene when the lightbulb would pop up over your favorite character’s head. I used to wait for that moment to happen to me. Unfortunately, I don’t recall ever coming across that stroke of lightning.

In fact, most people’s brilliant decisions usually come tagged with fear, doubt, and pessimism. Successful decisions are a product of a series of trial and error. There aren’t any lightbulbs involved in the process.

If you’re operating through your passion, those mess-ups won’t matter. Your desire to see your goal happen will make you blind to the idea of “failure”. You’ll learn to see these things as learning lessons and opportunities for improvement.

I know one thing that definitely doesn’t involve any lightbulbs, anything dealing with money. As much as we think we know, there’s always room to learn more. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings channel on YouTube. They’ll offer you a well-deserved financial refresher course.



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