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Viva Colombia


This video shows all 11 goals scored in the most recent World Cup’s Colombia vs. Greece game. You’re able to relive the launch of James Rodriguez’s career; for those of you who don’t know he’s now one of the highest paid soccer players in the world, and you are also able to relive the pride of a nation through a collection of clips that display not only Colombia’s best moments in the 2014 World Cup, but some of the best moments of the most recent World Cup in general.

The team’s fan base is clearly a strong one, and while this particular video doesn’t show much of the crowd, opting instead for scenes involving the goals being scored and celebration dances by the player, you can clearly hear the stadium roaring with pride, regardless of the song that plays throughout. Most people in attendance are proudly dressed in yellow, a color found on the team’s uniforms and on the countries tri-colored flag and it almost feels like watching the world’s most effective pep rally!

Players run up and down the field, sprinting across happily as they play the strenuous game to win. Not necessarily an underdog, Colombia hasn’t exactly been much of a threat in many years when it comes to winning matches, although neither has Greece. You could never tell from watching this video however, and I’m not sure I’ve never seen a crown be so spirited and cheerful about anything before.

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