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Using Your City’s Resources to Increase Profit for your Startup

Raleigh, North Carolina is fortunate to have a mayor like Nancy McFarlane. She’s instituted goals to transform her city into a top 5 destination for entrepreneurship.

Mayor McFarlane believes that it’s the local government’s job to initiate that connection with entrepreneurs. Through their influence, they can provide startups with resources, funding, and permit assistance- all of which will end up being mutually beneficial.

Depending on the entrepreneur’s business, the resources that they require can be considerably different. However, policymakers have the power to minimize the gaps located in their city’s local ecosystem. By monitoring and assessing the needs of her city’s entrepreneurs, it is Mayor McFarlane’s hope to assist them in avoiding the same obstacle that she faced as a business owner.

Permits, licensing, and other aspects of operations can cost a pretty penny, even with government assistance. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel and learn how to plan for those expenses beforehand.





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