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How Using Bitcoin Can Lower Costs For Your Company

Bitcoin Saves Money

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you either know everything or nothing about. For those who are still in the dark, it’s not as difficult to comprehend as you think.

Similar to when the Internet was first introduced to the world, people were plagues with a sense of unfamiliarity. Now, Internet and email are two things that the vast majority of the population can’t live without. Bitcoin advocates see a similar trend in bitcoin’s near future.

You don’t have to understand the ins and outs of cryptocurrency or become a programmer to make the most out of bitcoin. Blockchain.info is a common choice for Bitcoin wallets. Its CEO, Nicolas Cary summarizes bitcoin as being “like email for money.”

Barry Sibert is the founder and CEO of SecondMarket, an online liquid asset marketplace. He has also founded the Bitcoin Investment Trust. According to him, the negative connotation associated with bitcoin is based solely on the fear of the unknown. With more exposure, and use, bitcoin will soon become a founding platform for online payments and global digital currency.

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