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How to use Memes to Market Your Brand to Increase Traffic

Hi Professor Saving fans,

A popular terminology in the world of social media, ‘meme’ has become a viral sensation in the internet world.

One of the man behind this raging phenomenon, Ben Huh who is the founder of I Can Has Cheezburger cracks the code on how memes have taken over the cyber space and continue to dominate.

In words of the entrepreneur, a meme is a piece of contact from person to person in which one creates an impact in any conversation.

For instance, The Lolcat meme, which is one of the first creations of Ben Huh, shows a cat wearing a funny pair of shoes and commenting on stupidity.

This goes well to explain a particular situation when you try to be smart but end up making a fool of yourself. Thus, memes have become an excellent way of expressing unsaid emotions.

Yesterday, the Left Shark became an overnight sensation during the Super Bowl.

#1 Know your audience.

For instance, the recent Left Shark Super Bowl Meme is a great example. Professor Savings is targeted primarily for the United States so we know that most people understand what the Super Bowl event is all about.

Understand the context and then think about creating a meme for your targeted audience.

#2 Check your work.

Before you launch your meme, show some others in your office or friends to see their reaction. Your sense of humor may not radiate with others.

#3 Define your goals.

Making your audience laugh may be a brand extension to display or enhance the “cool factor” in your brand but be realistic.  You need to provide a lot more concrete value to gain a transaction.

If  you’re a marketer and want know how to use memes to promote your business, take a read Three Tips for Marketing Better with Memes.

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