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Ultimate Ice Cream Donut Sandwich

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Dear Professor Savings fans,

I stumbled upon the ultimate donut ice cream shop.  Hat tip to Hypebeast article After Handcrafted Ice Cream.  Their secret sauce is a method to heat up donut bun all the while keeping the ice cream cold.

So let’s cover today the basic business premise using the SWOT method.

Strength: United States has a huge ice cream market.  Who doesn’t love ice cream.

Weakness: Weather conditions.  When it snows or rains, there will be less business.  Another weakness is scalability.  Growing up in the restaurant business, I learned from my father.  It takes about six to eight months estimated to build out a shop and get all the permits approved.

Opportunity:  In the United States, we love our desserts and ice cream is part of many consumer’s weekly consumption.  According to Forbes, Americans spend $13.7 billion on ice cream.

Threat: Also it is not hard to replicate a bun and ice cream.  Recipes are all over the world wide web.

So all the while we have business ideas, remember that an IDEA is not a BUSINESS.

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