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Ultimate Guide: Hello Kitty’s First Restaurant in Hong Kong

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Dear Professor Saving fans,

One, two, three! All together. Awe…. how cute!!!

Hello Kitty just launched a Hello Kitty themed restaurant.  April 16th began the start of a soft opening period that will reportedly last six to eleven weeks.

This period is to gauge the business for Hello Kitty fanatics.

The menu includes 37 dim sum, rice and noodle dishes.  About half will be shaped with Hello Kitty themes.

The restaurant does not limit itself to just the food menu but also the front gate, glass walls, chandeliers, tables, chairs, chopstick rests, salt shakers, steamer baskets and wet wipes.

As for pricing details, the meal will cost about $10 to $19 USD per person for lunch and $13 to $26 USD for dinner according to Shanghaiist post Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant to open in Hong Kong.

After viewing  the Open Rice page (Yelp of Hong Kong), some of pictures show an array from Hello Kitty bun to steamed meat Hello Kitty bow tie.


Check out a full album of Hello Kitty Restaurant Hong Kong pictures from Open Rice.

Hello Kitty Restaurant steamed meat bow tie

Thanks Vivi.Tsang.5 for the pix.

On the business end of things, according to Forbes Hello Kitty came in at number five in terms  of the top Top Best Selling Licensed Entertainment Product 20 Best Selling Licensed Products taking in estimated $800 million dollars.

Building a brand in this noisy competitive world is hard.  So Hello Kitty is brilliant in creating so many touch points from merchandise to restaurant outlets which build brand equity.

Brand equity or value increase simply when a consumer is first exposed to a brand and purchase a product.

As for the restaurant operations end, the Hello Kitty restaurant operations has cleverly located in Yau Ma Tei which draws many local Hong Kong foodies as well as China mainland tourist residing in the many hotels nearby.

In 2011, crystal global brand Swarovski  teamed up with Hello Kitty to launch an line of jewelry.

Also check out Hello Kitty Hong Kong wedding.



the Hello Kitty Farm in Hong Kong

Also don’t forget about the Hello Kitty Secret Garden.

And don’t forget to fly on EvaAir’s Hello Kitty Plane.

Sources + hat tip: Shanghaiist, Coconuts Hong Kong

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According to Forbes, Hello Kitty comes in at number five in terms of top licensed brands taking in $800 million dollars.



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