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Is Etsy The Ultimate Anti-Silicon Valley Office?

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Recently, I have had a great response from the Etsy facebook community.  So I am just sharing a piece I wrote.

But, be sure to

I wrote the piece in January so some of the figure might have changed. Enjoy.

Etsy, a massive online marketplace featuring any handmade item you can think off, has just leased a massive 200,000 square-foot office in Brooklyn, NY. Within five years, the company hopes to welcome over 300 new employees.

Etsy is looking to make this move mutually beneficial for their surrounding community.

They are soliciting the help of local entrepreneurs to help build the Etsy culture.

The company’s venture capital plans are closely compared to the works completed in areas like Silicon Valley. After launching in 2005, the ecommerce platform has thrived to $1.35 billion worth of gross merchandise sales.

Such a massive workspace is needed to accommodate the man power to support over 1 million active online shops and about 55,000 local micro-businesses in New York. Growing out of their current 80,000 square-foot headquarters means a significant boost to the entire neighborhood.

When your company grows to such tremendous proportions, there’s a lot to consider.

Etsy isn’t solely focused on personal advancement, they’ve created a 5-year plan that means the advancement of all.


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