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Two Tips That Increase Profit When Catwalking Into The Fashion Industry

Is fashion your passion? Do you spend your days etching out innovative sketches and researching the latest trends? If you’re considering launching your own fashion brand, you’ll need to evaluate your inner entrepreneur.

Nolcha Fashion Week is a mega platform for independent designers interested in making their mark on New York Fashion Week.

Two founding designers spill on the most important aspects of cultivating your business within the first year.

Finding the right people to support and encourage your beliefs is of the utmost importance. Rinat Brodach says you need to build a team of trustworthy people with genuine intentions. From the patternmaker to the investors and the PR team, everyone should be a seamless fit into your brand’s vision.

Then, Rachel Gregory, the mind behind Gregory Apparel, mentions how patternmakers rake in big money off of working with emerging designers, however, they aren’t all qualified enough to provide the support that you need. They should be able to take your design and create commercial patterns that can transform into the same idea for a larger audience.

At the end of the day, it boils down to money. In order to access that source of viable providers, you’ll need to have the capital on hand. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to learn how this can be possible on even a modest budget.




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