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Two magic ways that get your bad habits disappear in a second

  Have you ever tried to change your bad habits but it doesn’t work out at last?

Don’t worry, here comes some secret tips from a reader of the book “21 ways to achieve wealth and success”.

      The first tip is to write down all your habits in a list and write down another list with good habits that are completely opposite to the bad habits list. Start following the good habits list day by day and you will find that it becomes easier to change your habits.

This is because the new list gives very obvious goals that you can follow with. If you just put your good habits list in your mind, you are going to forget it in the next ten seconds.

      The next thing you have to do is to eliminate your negative thoughts. Stop thinking what you are not able to achieve in this second! Try to tell yourself you are going to achieve what you want.

Positive thinking gives you motivation to accomplish impossible tasks.

      Practice the tips at this second! You are closer to your success now.

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