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When Two Heads Are Better Than One

The 320 award winning, Juan Pablo Zaramella short film Luminaris craftily creates great live action, stop-motion footage of the day to day life of a man who works as one part of many pairs of lightbulb makers. Each pair of lightbulb makers are grouped by male and female, and they sit in identical cubicles wearing identical clothes, however we find out early on the there is something different about the subject of this short.

The main character of Luminaris is up to something, but the silent film does its job to keep his secret hidden; only offering clues in the form of secret notes he keeps scrolled on a single sheet and hidden away from others. The notes aren’t the only thing he’s keeping hidden. Each day, between blowing the glass that he then passes to his female workmate to illuminate, he pockets as many as he can. He has a jar at home, and whatever he’s planning, he hasn’t got enough unblown bulbs to set the plan in action just yet. In addition to this, he can only blow the glass into a bulb, he needs his female counter part to illuminate things; his Luminaris.

Without giving to much away, Luminaris is an artfully edited short film with a message about what two people can do together, and how even when we begin to go at things alone, we can often find it was a partner we needed the entire time to light up our lives and take us to heights we never thought we’d reach. Professor Savings can be that partner if you’re looking for tips on how to save money and are ready to subscribe and change the strategies you had in place while going at it alone. Sometimes two heads are better than one, and when one of those heads is an expert in a subject you need help in, it’s always one of those times!




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