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Travel through London in a Virtual Time Machine

A split screen of archival footage from the British Film Institute, and modern footage of the same destinations in London shows us that the old saying is true; “The more things change, they more they stay the same.”


A little girl posing near and then quickly fleeing from the Peter Pan statue, the same bridges, tower, and palace, and even the same red trolleys, although I’m sure they’ve been updated since the time the archival footage was shoot, are prominently displayed in the video and of course through the city of London. Differences, like the sentiment that only husbands would be roaming around Petty Coat Lane on Sunday’s while the wives cook Sunday dinner, and a traffic light that stands on a corner once synonymous with the uniformed traffic guard who controlled things as “…the almighty hand.”, are also seen throughout the video, but it is shocking how much things in London have at once developed and stood at a halt.


Things always look a bit more modern when viewed through a clearer lens, if it wasn’t for this difference I wonder exactly how much things would actually appear to have developed. People not only go the same places in London today as they did in the 20’s, they also do many of the same things. Feeding the pigeons in the park hasn’t gone out of style, any more than the desire to film the city and share it with as many people as possible has.


It’s easy to forget how old London is and how much history the city really has. The Marble Arch was once the newest thing around, now it’s the Tower and Shard, but both are already London landmarks, and will be known by generations to come who will be able to identify the structures in this video just as easily as we can, so long as London continues to stand.


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