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Top Lessons from Mark Cuban, Customer is King

Mark Cuban is known for many things.  He is the owner of the NBA Marvericks and also one of the judges for the widely popular show Shark Tank.

In the video, Mark Cuban gives great advice.  Unlike 15 years ago, starting a tech company was hard.  It required a large amount of upfront capital to buy servers for hosting.

Now there are so many hosting providers out there.  The most important thing we learned at Professor Savings is that SPEED is king.  Let me explain more.   While big corporation has resources such as human resource and cash capital, start ups don’t have  or should not have red tap and politics to deal with.  A start up’s competitive advantage is speed and the ability to execute.

So Mark Cuban is pointing out that we as individuals can control the amount of effort we put in.  This includes the number of hours we work.

Another important point Mark Cuban mentioned is that our customer is our king.  This is really true.  We understand that our viewers are our customers and we want to provide useful lessons for them.

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