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Tips for surviving on a low income

Whatever your income, you’ve got to live within it. And, with a little careful planning, you can achieve a balanced budget.


Tips for surviving on a low income

Here are some survival tips for low income living:

– Start you planning by making a budget. If you want to know how much you should actually be spending, this tip is very important. Budgeting separates fact from fiction and gives one clarity on where they have a chance for saving up. There are tons of online planners available for this purpose. If you have just left home to stand on your own two feet, this step is the most important one of all.

– Shopping smartly can save you big bucks. Those youngsters in their late teens must try to avoid the habit of splurging on items which make for unnecessary purchases. If you must buy, try an e-commerce website. Chances are you will find better deals on the Internet.

– Give up your car and use the bus. Public transport won’t cost you a fortune and will save whatever money you usually spend on the fuel and car maintenance. This tip for low income living folks is probably one of the most useful of all. It really helps cost cutting in a big way.

– If you are a student, then avail all those benefits that you get. Make retail stores and fast food chains give out discount cards for students. This will save your hard earned money.

– Get a loan from your bank if you are confident enough that you can pay back easily with time. Don’t take up a loan for the heck of it. Consider your options and speak to a financial advisor before getting into anything concrete.

– Take up a part time job if you have extra time on your hands. This way you get a second income which can help you live at ease. If you are good at writing one could take up content writing. Other than that data entry, dog walking and car washing are good ideas too. If you can spare more time, then Mc Donald’s is perfect for earning money for per-hour work. The company hires kids as young as 15.

People who need tips for low income living will benefit from this article in more ways than one. These tips will help build a secure future and will ensure that your days of financial troubles are over for whatever age.

1) Budgeting is the key to good financial planning

2) Use public transport. This will help you save a lot of money especially if you aren’t earning much.

3) Part time jobs are easy to find. Get yourself one and make the most of an additional source of income.



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