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Some tips about networking would make you a billionaire

Have you watched Facebook or Silicon Valley. Most of the billionaire in US are grown from start-up. However, not everyone works on start up can survive and success. And one of the key issue of start up is networking.You can’t grow the start up of your dreams without networking.

In this video, marketing and networking expert Lewis Howes bring out two big tips for how you can start connecting with influencers in your industry who can help take your startup to the next level.

Here are two tips:

1. Start online, over social media.

One great way to make an initial connection with an influencer is to share and comment on the posts that they share online and on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Meet face-to-face at industry event parties.

You can try to get an introduction through a mutual friend or spark up a conversation on-the-fly. Try to compliment him or her on the work the person does and ask how you can help

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