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Tips for Budgeting and Saving Money

Not sure what is happening to all your money? Set a budget today, and make sure you track your spending so you can save tomorrow.


Tips for Budgeting and Saving Money

Just make up your mind to save and save hard, so that you can see the power of your savings unravel in front of your own eyes. Say, you want to go onto buy your dream home at the age of 40. What you need to do is to start saving big early in your life to accomplish your financial targets. Here are some of the tips budgeting saving money which you must follow in order to meet your financial goals successfully:

• Get yourself a savings account and start depositing everything that you might have saved for a rainy day.

• The ‘one tenth rule’ is advised to be followed where you deposit one tenth of your monthly income in your savings account every month and you would be surprised to see one months extra salary saved in your account without having to do much.

• Save while spending by the ‘one less rule’ which states that you save on your spending by cutting down a little bit every time that you spend. The small amounts may seem very negligible, but in the longer run, they end up in a handful. Say you buy a pizza with 4 toppings. Next time you order, just cut down on one topping and just order three toppings. Just cutting down on one extra topping would not seem such a big thing, but you will be surprised to see how much you save with this one less rule.

• Another really important tips budgeting saving money is to buy from shops which offer great discounts and offers. Make a predetermined list of items that you need to buy from the grocery store next time you go shopping and stick to it. The best way is to buy in bulk amount, so that you save on the total amount. Lookout for items on sale or at discounted prices.

• Use coupons had from any source and as many as you can to cut down your costs further.

• Use public transports or share your cab, so that you can cut down on the extra cost of gasoline to run your private conveyance. In this way, you are not only doing good for your pocket but you help the environment as well.



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