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Timing Stock Market— The basic strategy of stock market

Timing is everything when you have money invested in the stock market. If you’re not watching it cautiously, then you will need to employ someone to do it for you.


Timing Stock Market— The basic strategy of stock market

market Timing Views

• The market timing moves at averages of 50-200 a day. Above 50 is considered as bullish and below is considered bearish.

• Some consider market timing as gambling based purely based on chance.

• Others counter that market timing is just another name for stock trading. Predicting price movements is exactly what the traders do.

• Large institutional Investors may be favored at the expense of the small traders.

Reviews of Market timing

Most market timing systems do not work and are not constantly valid. The buy and hold is the best way to invest. The three elements required for a successful stock timer are–

• A system that actually works.

• Follow the system in a disciplined manner.

• Patience is the key to stick to a system for a long time.

It is hard to do all three because the investors lack self-control to follow the system. Stockholders do not have the forbearance to stick to the system. It has to be known that there is no system will bring success every time. People speculating without patience will keep jumping from one person to another and avail of no rewards.

There are some trustworthy systems that can help in these problems and manage to time the market profits in years to come. This is hearing to the opposite which is always incorrect.

Investors should stick to just two choices. One is to follow the wisdom of buy and hold and wish for the best. The other is to educate ones’ self and search a timing system with which the wealth grows while it is protected. Even then it is wise to follow the instructions of a financial expert who says that stock market time is not the right thing to follow.

The experts believe that market time is by and large futile. Many investors fail to perform the investment skills and end up with losses, loose interest and confidence in stock market. They believe that market time depends on predicting future. They are based on speculations and have no Technical support. This is wrong. A proper study of the system will come out with scientific evidence in showing the trend of the market.


Advice to beginners for stock timing

• Do not follow rumours in stock trade

• Study the technical strategies of the stock market timing from experts.

• Stock market is a thrilling experience for adventurous persons.



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