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It’s Time For Some Philly Pride!

Guys, before you start watching the video, please make sure you have taken “Introduction to Sarcasm 101” in college or you may got the whole thing wrong!


I bet no one dare to call Philadelphia ugly after watching this sarcastically titled time lapse video by  Nathaniel Dodson as Philly is just too beautiful, isn’t it? In case you have any doubts in your Philly Pride, this stunning time lapse just confirms what you already know: this city is simply too gorgeous!


My favorite part is starts at the 2:50 when the sun starts to set and things get even prettier. Don’t watch the video in such a hasty way and just watch this stunning tribute all the way to the end, and you’ll understand why the filmmaker is just a genius as he definitely knows the art of filming.

If Philly is said to be UGLY, then I would be happy to die in a UGLY way! #toomuchphillypride

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