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This Mom became a Millionaire with Etsy [VIDEO]

Mom became a Millionaire with Etsy

Mom became a Millionaire with Etsy

Dear Professor Savings fans,

Mom Alicia Shaffer has became a millionaire with Etsy and she appeared on Steve Harvey show explaining her marketing tips.

Some basics including knowing the industry and having great photos.

Alicia Shaffer is not without controversy.

We covered here in our post 3 Secrets About Etsys Top Sellers that Made My Jaw Drop we received so many comments both good and bad.

Some of claimed that she purchased assembled goods in China.

On the show, Schaffer announced that she has left Etsy.

Whatever the case, I just want to make the point that marketing is clear.

But good marketing.  I hope this video will encourage community insights and response so comment below so that we can have a bigger knowledge tank.

Our goal at Professor Savings is just to provide tools for Etsy selling and to emphasize that marketing plays a big roll.

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