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This Ad made me cry in my office, but the reason is Surprising

Dear Professor Saving fans,

Firstly, I advise you to watch the video above before I provide the spoiler alert.

Then continue reading. These tips will save you money, time, and keep you away from a bad public relations disaster.

So here goes.

Yesterday morning I was in the office when I watched this Met Life ad above and I just cried.  A grown man tearing up. Luckily no one noticed.  The advertisement resonated with me since it was relatable to me.

I was born in Hong Kong and left for the United States as an immigrant when I was five.  One day in San Francisco when I was in grammar school, I remember my father sat me down to announce that he would leave our family to move to China alone for business.

I was sad.  He worked in China for the next eight years and I saw him only on the holidays.  This ad evokes emotions that were so deep that it triggered childhood memories.

So now let’s talk about the business end.

4 Tips to Create a Memorable Humanistic Ad

#1: Evoke emotion whether it be anger, sadness, humor.

The screenplay was so good since it had a twist to the ending otherwise known as a misdirection.    I was surprised that the father was a liar liar pants on fire kind of guy.

#2: Jab Jab Jab, don’t go for the Knockout.

Master marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk teaches us that in order to get a customer to use their money and buy our products you first have to reach their mind, then heart, then their wallet.  You can buy his book which has benefited our marking team Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

In this case, Met Life was a master storyteller and from the reaction from the thumbs up on the youtube it has been a winner along with plenty of engaging comments.

# 3 Time it Right!

Now let’s jump over to last week’s Super Bowl when Nationwide was highly criticized for an ad with I think had GREAT intentions, but POOR timing about how a kid died at the end.

Read Why Nationwide aired upsetting Super Bowl ad and watch the ad.  The Super Bowl is a festive and happy event where friends and family gather around and stuff our stomachs with pizza and chips while joyously watching creative commercials often times with brands that inject humor.

#4 Be humanistic.

For a commercial that won fan fare, Can Adorable Puppy Ads Help Budweiser Sell More Beer: Super Bowl 2015.

So there are still a few more questions.

Can a great commercial like this one displaying the intimate relationship sells us insurance package?

While the exact data can not be measured, I want to note the marketing strategy.

Often times insurance brands are known to be dry and boring with a “I’ll take your money and dash” approach.

Yet, Met Life is building brand value by showcasing their humanistic side.  The operative word is building.

Most marketers fail because they go for the KNOCKOUT. Instead, marketers need to learn to provide value and constantly Jab, Jab, and well Jab.

This is exactly what a commercial like this does. It imprint to us that we should associate Met Life as a brand that first provided entertainment and storytelling value.

So where is the FUTURE of MARKETING going?

The future is about being HUMANISTIC.  In the attention economy, we want to engage with brands that understands and knows us.

No longer can corporate brands with big ad budgets create these commercials that don’t resonate and connect to us because we are in control.

Forty years ago, we only had a few television channels.   But now, every Youtube id is a channel.  We consume so much content that we want and acknowledge that we are one click away on our browser for something else.

A great example of a website that is great at being humanistic is Humans of New York.

It is simply a site that features beautiful photos from Brandon Stanton of real New Yorkers living daily lives.

So before you create an ad or promotional video, consider they tips and you will be on the right path.

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