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Think Beyond Google When You Want To Drive Traffic To Your Site

It is common that whenever people want to start up business they go for Google. Sometimes individuals focus too much on Google and thus forget all other search engine optimization methods. This article tells you why major search engines aren’t the only source for driving to your site.

There are actually some sites such as Yelp and reddit as other sources of search. What is more there are social-media sites like Linkedln or even Apple’s iTunes to help. Capitalize on every platform to make your sites more accessible.

In this video, the founder of Seattle-based online marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) firm Moz, Fishkin, talked about techniques related to marketing. He said it is important to make some effort in marketing. For instance, companies could experiment often and find out where is the most suitable place to put up your content so as to resonate the most with your readers. Of course, the ideal place varies companies from companies, depending on the industry and the type of content you produce.

“Clearly identify what channels are your customers from.” said Fishkin.

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