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There’s No Place Like Porto. There’s No Place Like Porto.

Portugal’s second largest city is a stunning location. Aged buildings are decorated by quaint balconies adorned with drying laundry. Stone streets serve as the pristine location to meet for a cup of cappuccino. Tourists lug suitcases to modest hotels and baristas.

Then there is the other side of Porto. It’s the polar opposite to the down home tradition found on the other side of town. As you near the coastline, you draw closer to Porto’s modern city life.

You can take advantage of hip and trendy social scenes or bask in the mist breezing off the ocean. The latter option sounds too good to pass up. After all, it is Portugal. Avoiding the beach would be an injustice.

Porto is packed with fun happenings. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, on a romantic getaway, or vacationing with family- there’s always something interesting to do.

Or, you could try doing nothing for a change. Porto’s majestic sunset is worth taking a second to enjoy. It’s a big still that still honors the community. It’s amazing to be in such a large environment and still feel an intimate welcome.

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