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The Woman Behind Linkedin’s 1.5 Billion Dollar Acquisition: Lynda.com

Dear Professor Saving fans,

We would like to congratulate Lynda Weinman on the great news that Linkedin has acquired Lynda.com for a staggering $1.5 billion dollars.

While many consumers have used Lynda.com, few know the story behind the educator and entrepreneur who founded the company with her husband.  In the video above, she describe the footprints of how she started the business and why.

The deal is a striking 52% percent cash payout and 48% stock deal. Read Tech Crunch Lynda.com acquisition article here.   Just early this year it was announced by Bloomberg that Lynda.com just raised a whopping $186 million.

For more, read ReCode.net  Three Reasons LinkedIn Broke the Bank for Lynda.com

The company has been around for around twenty years and have continued to grow in the competitive education skill platforms such Udemy.

3 Reasons why this is a BIG win for entrepreneur, consumers and students.

#1 LinkedIn with current audience and marketing resources can extend to a wider global audience for people who want to increase their skill through online education.  The users on linkedin can take courses from Lynda.com to enhance and marketing their resume.

#2 Being an educator myself, the future is a skill based economy. When I worked for Devry as an educational consultant, I gave over 300 presentations on careers and to over 3000 students and most of them just want applied learning instead of theory based. They wanted to learn something they can use.

#3 Lynda started this company 20 year ago and has been able to scale big. This acquisition solidifies that growing education technology field.



For more, watch Lynda.com and the Future of Education in the Digital Age.

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