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The Sweet Life and Language of France

Paris – Live the Language, or Paris – De Vivre La Langue, sharply captures images and actions while displaying a watcher friendly graphics of French words displayed across the screen to describing everything being shown. Colors being displayed through the use of macaroons, the kind that are synonymous with Paris and look like little brightly colored cookie sandwiches as opposed to the garden variety tiny cakes, flash quickly across the screen and make you want to eat it all up; the language figuratively and the macaroons very literally.

You’ll see everyday activities like shopping, as well as walking through a semi-crowded market and then needing to say excuse me, pardon, and much more. This looks like a day that anyone could be having anywhere, aside from the signature Parisian scenes like shots of the Eiffel tower, a plate of escargot, and an amazing little sidewalk café, but that isn’t what’s important. The activities and words are relatable, and it wouldn’t be hard to start with integrating them into everyday speech, when possible, if you are attempting to learn the basics of the language. It’s a great refresher if you’ve studied the language before as well, either on your own or through school classes, but haven’t done a great job of committing it to memory.

Travelling to Paris is a great experience, and this short video vividly captures the simplicity and glamour of it all. The typography, music, and images all combine to create an extremely watchable video, which is likely to inspire the travel bug in you, and will probably make you want to learn something new, even if it isn’t the French language.

Travel to Paris isn’t cheap though. I can admit that traveling from one place to another once you’re already in Europe is extremely reasonable if you know how and where to look, but I digress. You’ll want to be financially sound for purchasing airfare, accommodations, and the many odds and ends that’ll tempt you once you’ve arrived, so consider subscribing to Professor Savings to get on the right path for your dream vacation with our helpful tips on how to save money; wherever that may be.



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