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The Power of Asking Questions can help you land your job – Riddler

The Riddler: The Power of Asking Questions

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Growing up, I always enjoyed watching Bat Man cartoons and shows.  I remember clearly a villain called the Riddler.  The Riddler is a villain dressed in green tights and bears a question mark on his chest. 

This comic character reminds me the power of asking questions.  In the beginning of 2004, I was looking for a job.  A recruiting firm called Culver Career told me that there was an opening for a sales position for T-Mobile selling phones to small businessed.  I made it to the final round and was trained by my personal recruiter to ask a very bold question.  Nearing the end of the interview, the sales manager asked me, “do you have any questions for me?” 

I answered, “ I truly believe that I will make great sales records since I have great people skills, and I am an assertive team player and enjoy working in an industry that involves gadgets such as phones.  Before I leave today, I want to ask you a question.  Do you have any questions or concerns that will prevent you from offering me the job?”

Although the question was bold, it truly made sense.  The question would clear up any concerns or questions that the prospective employer had for me and I would be able to defend and answer the question instantaneously. 

The sales manager said, “I am concerned that you have been jumping from one company to another lasting only around half a year.” 

I answered by saying, “although I have been jumping from one company to another, this shows that companies desires my talents and skills.  I want to make money and I know that I have a great opportunity to prove myself at this company.”  Then he answered, “since you showed your desire to want this job, I will give you a call in a few days to arrange the paperwork.”  I smiled with delight.

In this very situation, the sales manager was testing me during the interview.  He created an environment that simulated an actual sales call.  The sales manager played the role of a customer and I was in the hot set as a sales man.  I needed to ask the right questions and play detective to discover the concerns of the buyer and clarify any questions.  The sales manager was delighted to see my assertive action to clarify problems or concerns.

Image to remember: the Riddler

Sales tip to remember: ask questions to see if there are concerns or questions preventing you from reaching your goals.  You can learn more about a company or question by asking specific questions.



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