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The Farmer (Realistic emotions as a life as an entrepreneur)

The Farmer (Realistic emotions as a life as an entrepreneur)

by Rayfil Wong

Today I went to a college recruiting event in San Mateo.  As a college recruiter, I often ask, “what do you want to do after you graduate from college?”  Many students often tell me that they want to start their own business.  A few students tell me that they want to be a music producer and want to be similar to famous rap artist and business men such as P.Diddy or Nelly. 

Many students may have watch “The Lifestyles of the Fabulous Rich and Famous” on VH1 and desire the lifestyle that come along with owning their own business.  On the flip side, most books and television shows do not portray the mental and  emotional roller coasters that an entrepreneur must endure.  

As an entrepreneur, I currently must juggle around a complex and tiresome schedule.  In the morning till around three o’clock, I am a college recruiter giving motivational speeches to high school students encouraging them to find a career that aligns with their passion.

I speak in five classes a day for around fifty minutes constantly talking in a both energetic and enthusiastic tone.  After my last speaking engagement of the day, my throat is dry and I am exhausted lacking energy.

After driving home, I would then prepare to call students and attempt to set interviews from four to six o’clock.  Next, I would eat dinner and finish some paper work.  When eleven o’clock comes around, I would take a shower to wake me up getting my body and mind ready for my time as an entrepreneur.  I usually write between 12am to 2pm.  Although I am tired, I focus on my goal which is to publish a successful book that will help people improve the welfare of their lives.

When I get tired, I encourage myself by thinking that I am a peach farmer.  A peach farmer plants the peach seeds in January in his four acres of land.  Each morning, he wakes up at six o’clock and waters his field.  Although he wakes up one morning and say, “I don’t feel like getting up early and watering the field today” he must do the work required to maintain the field such as watering or else the seeds will not grow.

  As March arrives, the farmer gets discouraged since the seeds has grown only little in size yet he must remain consistent and water the field every morning.  Once June arrives, the farmer is delighted as he seeds that the seed has now slowly grown to a small peach and he dreams of the day that he can collect his fortune selling his peaches in the market.  Every morning, the farmer wakes up and is so excited as his momentum has been so positive as he sees the result every week. 

Unfortunately in September, a hurricane unexpectedly hits the field and now only twenty acres remain.  The farmer at this point, can choose to be depressed and give up on the field of peaches or be optimistic that he has twenty acres left and continues waking up every morning to water the field.  The farmer continues to get up every morning and waters his field. 

Finally, December arrives and the farmer wakes up in the morning and sees that all the peaches have now grown to the size ready for harvest and to be sold in the market.  The farmer sells all his peaches to a food distributor and smiles with a sense of success since his hard work has reaped a great harvest.

As an entrepreneur, I am consistently writing daily and network with people so that we can find opportunities to get our book published and marketed.  Although at times I feel as  if our dream is so far away, I remain confident and determined that the day our book gets publish, I will feel incredible and deep down inside know that it was worth the hard work.

Image to remember: farmer, waking up early in the morning to water the peach field

Point to consider:  Being an entrepreneur, there are discouraging and challenging moments yet the entrepreneur must have faith that one day success will come.

Entrepreneur tip: as you struggle with challenging times, journal your thoughts in a journal in order to release your thoughts and record the great success stories.  Additionally, entrepreneurs can remain more focus by networking weekly with other entrepreneurs sharing common obstacles.



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