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The 5 Super Social Media Strategies to grow traffic

Well, the folks at Entrepreneur.com have done a great job.

Simply said there are specific strategies that can not only help you grow your traffic but to really grow your brand.

After all, a brand is simply a trust mark.

Here are a few must do’s.

1.   As you may have known, Facebook is on fire in terms of usage. So bulk up on your connections.

2.  There is so much noise out there especially in the Twitter feed so add an image to differentiate.

3.  Go long people.   Sometimes you need a few more sentences to explain yourself.  So use Tumblr and Linkedin.

I get it, running a startup can be hard but hang in there.  Watch the video above and we hope it is very useful in growing your brand.  Make sure you Subscribe so you will not miss out on our Daily Money Saving videos.





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