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How Team Building Can Maximize Your Profit

Have you ever imagined yourself working in a renowned whiskey company – WhistlePig, which sells luxury, 10-year old rye? Well, before you start working on your brilliant marketing plan for the company, you’re first going to pack your stuff and go learning how to feed some big, burly pigs and read historic philosophy texts. What’s more? You’re also going say Adiós to your parents and go live with the founders of WhistlePig for at least a month.

Raj Peter Bhakta, the founder of Shoreham, Vt.-based WhistlePig whiskey, and his wife, Danhee Kim, who runs sales and marketing, say that bringing their new hires up to their farm generates authentic bonds between the staff and gives new hires a chance to build their own, firsthand stories about the rye whiskey brand, which prides itself on being distinctive and irreverent.

For up and coming WhistlePig brand ambassadors, a day at the Vermont headquarters involves everything from feeding pigs on the farm to repairing farm houses to researching whiskey laws in the state where they will focus on once they leave the farm.

Entrepreneur.com traveled to WhistlePig’s farm to talk to the founders, meet the current class of WhistlePig brand ambassadors living there, have a bonfire after a feast of a dinner, and, of course, try the whiskey. Watch this video to see the farm and hear why this small company invests so much time and energy into its employees so early on.

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