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That’s Why God Created Grand Rapids In The First Day!

Sure, plenty of people and groups have taken their own personal stab at recreating Pharrell’s “Happy” video. That aside, there’s something so uniquely charming about Grand Rapid’s rendition that it’ll make you feel… well… genuinely happy!

It’s hard to pinpoint the source of all of Grand Rapids’ happy success. The dance moves are slick (check out 1:50), the freestyles are lovably bizarre and the smiles are so wide they’re contagious.

We have been told a thousand times to stay positive and always think of the bright side of life but how could we really do that. Maybe Pharrell knows the secret formula – ‘Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth because I’m happy’.

Both happiness and passion are free and we’re all free to follow them, but things like paints, studio equipment, and skate decks aren’t free, so subscribe to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money and be sure there’s enough to sustain your passions and your payments; the things like rent and bills that these two little girls won’t have to worry about for quite a while!

So, what does happiness mean to you? After watching this awesome performance, I’m thinking it means Grand Rapids.



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