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That’s Why Austin Girls Are So Hot

Have you ever been to Austin? Well, if not, you definitely go to there sometime! As hilarious as I found this video, I’m dying to know: Is this the kind of stuff Austinites really say? I can totally understand shortening SXSW down to Southby, and I’ll admit there are definitely flyovers that need more work. But the rest?


Do you really call her Sandy Bullock and say “sketch” a lot? Is Austin being fairly represented in this video?


Do you guys love the video? But personally, I think not all Austinites talk like that. I’m a native born Austinite. Lived here off and on my whole life. Working downtown at an upscale hotel, yeah I hear things like these a lot especially during SXSW. That being said, REAL Austinites don’t talk like that. We do kind of have a hippie vibe about us and we complain about the traffic and the road construction…and the heat…and cold…and allergies lol but real Austinites avoid SXSW like the plague. The hipsters have moved in but real Austinites…if you want a good example, look at willie Nelson. That’s what we’re like.
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