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Terry Crews Busts A Move In The Nude!

Terry Crews Naked

Hey you! Put the foot long sub back on the plate and slowly step away from the candy bar. If you weren’t already feeling bad about those love handles, the chiseled physique on Terry Crews is sure to make you bow your head in shame.  Even still, this video is classic!

You won’t know whether to go sign up for the gym or bust out break dancing. Terry’s comical stylings have led him to test out Old Spice’s Muscle Music machine. Connected to an array of musical instruments, Terry’s pecks transform him into a one man band.

With each flex of a bicep, a series of drum beats are followed by an orchestra of notes. Honestly, Terry’s pretty good at it. His freestyled track could possible make it to a Broadway sound stage one day. His singing- not so much. That’s more along the lines of “a voice only a mother can love”. But don’t tell Terry we said that, he’d probably break us in half just by accidentally sneezing.

Once we got over the shame of being the same size as one of Terry’s thighs, this video had us rolling in tears. It’s hard living in a world with big, strong muscle bound men like him. Especially when they have the audacity to film videos wearing nothing but candy apple red boxer briefs. Sheesh! Can we get a break?


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