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Tell the Doctors To Take Their ALS And Stick It Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine

Social media profiles were overrun with people pouring buckets of ice cold water over their heads. As each one called out three more people to participate in the event, one may wonder how many actually understood the purpose of the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Do you know what ALS is? Are you aware of who it primarily affects? This video is a personal account of a man who’s battling the disease to this day. It’s not a call to waste water. He’s not asking for sympathy. This brave man is using his story as a means to encourage people to stand up and square off with ALS rather than run and hide after their diagnosis.

His recipe is simple: train your mind, eat right, exercise, take advanced supplements, and engage in a little psychotherapy. The list is easier than one may think.

When you’re faced with the determination of people like Bernardo Pinto Coelho, you’re forced to think twice about the things we like to complain about. Here we have a man that used to actively participate in virtually every sport you can think of, now he struggles to maintain control of his muscles. But Bernardo hasn’t given up.

Today he exercises the power of the mind to support his recovery. Between his own personal will and the support and encouragement of his father (who is a doctor), Bernardo’s made amazing strides. He’s stared the statistics straight in the face and said “Not today.”

Regardless of what you’re facing, you have the ability to change the direction of your life. You only have the make the decision to change solid in your mind.

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