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SXSW Presentation Video Celebrates the Art and History of Title Designs

Merging title credits from films throughout history like The Phantom of The Opera, Psycho, The Pink Panther, The Social Network, and Fight Club, this video, which was used for a screening of the Excellence in Title Design competition at the Austin music and film festival SXSW is an interesting look at all of the innovative ways filmmakers and editors have conceived of to introduce the title of their films. Using an upbeat but not at all distracting instrumental, Ghostwriter by RJD2, to underscore the constantly changing graphics feels like a perfect choice, and you could imagine the song having been a part of the title design for any of the films shown moving along to it.

Many festivals exist, all offering multiple competitions, but this artistic concept celebrating the creativity of title designs seems tailor made for the style of SXSW, and what the film portion of the festival embodies. It may be the music or the movies that compel you to want to be a part of the festival, either as a creator or as a guest, but either way, transportation to the Texas city, tickets for the event, accommodation rates, and even the price of the many delicious dishes you won’t want to pass up on while visiting the great state of Texas can add up; especially considering you only have 2-3 days to try experiencing the best the city and SXSW festival have to offer.

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