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Why Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Three visits to Zermatt, Switzerland led to the creation of this documentary of the Matterhorn Mountain. Dedication and perseverance led the film’s creator to spend a few chilled nights laying under a starry sky to capture the spectacular images.

Snowy Swiss mountain peaks part fluffy clouds and faceoff with an array of shimmering shooting stars. From the tip of the Matterhorn, it seems like one could pick a star straight out of the sky.

You can take a trip to Switzerland, brave one side of the chilly mountain and see for yourself- or you can just watch this video. Personally, we prefer to view our mountain peaks in HD. Saves the stress of tumbling down icy rock. Now, if you’re into that sort of thing then, by all means, be our guest. We’re just grateful that the video’s maker woke up one day and said, “I want to climb 8,858 feet over sea level.

Passion will make you do some strange things. He mentioned that Switzerland was his homeland. He probably envisioned this journey since he was a kid. Now, he can rest easy with the satisfaction of knowing that he actually did it.

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