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Surprising Celebrity Scores for Chinese New Year Greetings

Dear Professor Savings fans,

      Gong Hay Fat Choy 节快乐! Happy Chinese new year.  The global age has been vibrant affirmed by tech titans, politicians, and sports stars stepping out to greet us all a Happy Chinese New as a public announcement.

  But just how did they score?  Well,  thanks to a video by AJ+ scores the celebrities and here were the results.

Arsenal Football (football club) – C

Nicola Sturgeon ( first minister of Scotland) – B

Real Madrid (football club) – D

David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) – C

Prince Williams (Duke of Cambridge) – A

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) –  A-

  Mark Zuckerberg appears to  have continued his impressive improvement in his Mandarin skills since his October 2014 when he was at China’s prestigious Tsinghua University and hosted a 30 minute question and answer.

China has impressive growth numbers with 45% of the nation connected tot he internet  and with a population of 1.3 billion citizens there is still big potential for growth according to Business Insider.

  Facebook is currently blocked in China and the first was to give respect to a country with such a long heritage is to speak their language. Great move Zuckerberg.

   As for the other celebrities, it makes sense for them to connect with the public on a public relations standpoint.

  Both Arsenal and Real Madrid are popular in China as football remains a top spot with NBA hedging on its heels.

   Speaking of NBA, Klay Thompson, the all star Warrior’s guard recently left Nike Swoosh for China based sneaker company Anta.

  As China new rich is looking to spend their cash, look for real estate, sports teams, and a host of other brands find strategic marketing efforts to connect.

   Have a great year of the Goat/Sheep.

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