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Surprising 10 Student Discounts You Can Still Use After Graduating

Dear Professor Savings fans,

We all love to save money and recently I read a great article from Entrepreneur.com 10 Student Discounts You Can Still Use After Graduating.  Many of us after graduating may have student loans so these are useful tips to save money.

Note: This article is based for USA but check with your city and country for possible discounts.

1//  Amazon Student. 

A generous 6 month free trial of Amazon Student which offers free two day shipping on any purchase. This is great especially after relocating to a new city for a new job and you need to order some new supplies.

What you need? Just a .edu email address and used online purchase only.

2//  Cinemark. 

Each theater location may have a different discount and there are about 120 locations to choose from.

What you need? Only a student ID. Note: In person only.

3//  Amtrak.  

Simply purchase a 1 year Student Advantage card for $22.50 and you will receive 10 percent discount from all the trips  and from companies such as Armani Exchange, Lyft, and Foot Locker.

What you will need?  Just a .edu email address and must be online purchase.

4//  American Airlines.  

Firstly, check if your schools is signed on with this discount.  You can receive a 5 percent discount off your “vacation package” from American Airlines.

What you will need?  Student ID number online only.

5//  Ford.

Both current college students and graduates can get $500 in cash back when they purchase a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

But remember Professorsavings.com advises students not to get into bad car debt.


What you will need?  Simply an .edu email address is needed to sign up online for the cash back.  You will also need to have proof of current enrollment or a copy of your diploma when you go in to buy your car.

6//  Best Buy.

The discount is free shipping on everything in the “College Student Deals” section.  Y

ou will also need coupon codes for discounts on everything  from iPhone to home appliances.

What you will need? Simply .edu email address online only.

7//  Washington Post.

Keep following the news with free digital access to the Washington Post.

What you will need? Just a .edu email address and online only.

8// J.Crew.

Prepare to look stellar for a job interview. It’s a 15 percent off everything except gift cards or “third party branded merchandise.


What you need? student ID, in store only

9// Adobe Creative Cloud.

The discount is 60 perfect off Creative Cloud and the best part is that this includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign).  The price is $250 a year instead of $600 and up.

What you need? Just an .edu email address

10// Apple

The discount depends on certai items by for student from school that signed up includes $200 off a new Macbook and also $20 off a new iPad.

All you need present student id in stores, verify school name, and .edu email address for online purchase.

So make sure you take advantage of these savings because they can add up.  Professor Savings signing off so make sure you subscribe, like, and comment.





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