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Superman is one lonely man – It’s lonely at the top

Superman is one lonely man.

by Rayfil Wong

Maybe you did not have the Superman pajamas like I did when I was a child, but I am almost certain you have spent more than a few seconds fantasizing about how Superman’s powers could enrich your life. Who wouldn’t want to soar above the clouds and run at the speed of light? Aside from the funny looking blue and red outfit, Superman has man things most of us would envy to have for ourselves.

However desirable Superman’s powers are, these powers come with a price. Though Superman possesses the powers above the average man, he also lives a social life more lonely than the average Joe. Imagine being on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Superman can barely finish a meal before running off to save the day. Living a life continuously making excuses for leaving an engagement abruptly would drive most people insane. 

Superman’s innate abilities governed where and how much he would sacrifice. You are not Superman and therefore you have the luxury of deciding where you wish to sacrifice and to what extent in order to realize the future you have been wanting. If you wish to lead a life that is super human, prepare to make sacrifices that match that extreme. Most of us spend our workday working for a boss and spend the remainder of the evening relaxing. We leave very little time to work for ourselves because we are understandably exhausted after coming home from the office.

“Most people are not accomplishing their dreams and goals not because they are unable,

but because they are not willing to take the sacrifices to achieve them.”

Most things worth having do not come by at a breeze. By identifying specifically what sacrifices you are willing to take to achieve particular goals, you will find it easier to gauge which sacrifices are worth the effort and which are not. 

We do not have to be Superman to live a super life. People already possess the powers that can drive them to success, but most are afraid or not prepared to exercise them. If the mind really is such a powerful thing, why is it that most of us use it against ourselves? We hear over and over that success starts with the mind. 

The majority of college graduates choose to jump into the work force rather than continue their education to earn a master’s degree. Even those who tell themselves they will work for a couple years before heading back to a university have not done so. It is too difficult to change your path. It is not easy to replace your paycheck with a tuition bill. Income decreases, while expenses skyrocket. This common situation is understandable. 

Often times people who are heading in a particular path are doing so because of their own choosing. People may not be prepared to take on a master’s program by day and work part time in their after hours. It is people’s willingness to take steps to move ahead and not an inherit handicap that prevents them from succeeding. Evening classes are available at many universities. Most people are unwilling to attend not so much because of tuition costs, but because of the opportunity cost of time. Time in class is time away from your children, time away from television, time away from your everyday evening activities. Night classes may not be for everyone, but everyone does have something they wish they could do. 

By identifying the two elements and melding sacrifices and goals into one, we can better prepare ourselves to take action. Sacrifices may come in the form of distractions. Television, video games and other entertainment that neither strengthens our minds nor body are the primary reasons we are not pursuing our interests. The television series Fear Factor may be tough to pass up, but skipping one episode of watching people eat gross things is one extra half hour you can use to move ahead.  

“People are so busy working for their bosses during the day that when the come home, the last thing they want to do is more work.”

You will become more successful and make more money when you work harder for yourself than you do for your employer. Not a grad school promotor It is important to work smarter How? rather than harder. You will need to put more effort into pursuing your own goals and consume less of your time accomplishing other people’s ambitions. Clarify.

Image to remember: Superman 

Point to Consider. By working harder for yourself, you will gain more out of your efforts than if you were to work harder for someone else – your employer. Our freedom lies in our ability to select sacrifices we are willing to make in exchange for the betterment of our lives. 



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