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Successful story of a viral animal video

An animal video having over 20,000,000 views. What make it stand out? Here come some of the tips concluded by this video.

Of course, the first point would definitely be the main characters of the video. In this viral video, it well-captures some cute animals and funny movements of them. This would definitely eye-catching and attract most of the audiences in all ages.

The second point would be the funny narration. The narration use the daily jokes that is familiar to the audiences. When you hear ALAN, ALAN, AL, ALAN!!! . It would definitely generates more than smiles. Laughter is a good way to make a positive impression which last long.

Last but not least, the length of the video is of utmost importance. It is long enough to provide abundant information and short enough to make the audience watch it all. Not more than 5 minutes is a good timing for a viral video.

Therefore, some of the conclusion of making video.

1. Choose Cute/Funny Character 

2. Evoke resonance among readers

3. Make it Short (Not more than 5 minutes)

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